What if they threw a production cut rumor party and no one came?

Late last year (Remember 2020? It was in all the papers.), the Macalope speculated that the annual rumors of iPhone production cuts were just around the corner. But a funny thing happened on the way to the colosseum where they hold all the production cut rumor announcements. (If you didn’t get an invite, don’t feel bad—it’s a limited seating event and there are a lot of Forbes contributors.)

“Apple iPhones demand starts off 2021 strong”

What? What is a mythical beast even supposed to do with this? Print it out, fold it up and make a hat? He can’t wear hats because of the antlers. This is useless.

Wedbush Securities says Apple iPhone 12 demand is running hot.


[Wedbush Securities analyst Dan] Ives and team forecast that builds for total iPhones ticked up again another 5% over the last few weeks and are now in the 60M to 70M range for the current quarter.

That’s a lot of iPhones for the first calendar quarter.

Ives isn’t the only one suggesting the iPhone’s selling well going into the new year.

DigiTimes, usually a ready harbinger of trumped-up Apple doom, even went so far as to say that demand might even outstrip supply because of “a widening shortage of semiconductors for handset parts.”

Sales reached 18 million units [in the last quarter of 2020], earning Apple an over 20% market share, with momentum expected to continue through the Lunar New Year holiday, bringing shipment volumes for Q1 2021 on par with the number of units shipped the previous quarter.

That would be a pretty impressive feat as iPhone sales usually drop off significantly after the holiday quarter.

So, is Bob Dylan finally right? Are the times a-changing? Call the Macalope jaded (go ahead, he can’t hear you), but Apple doom is like gravity: it might take a day off, but it’ll always be back.

Is that not how gravity works? The Macalope’s not an ophthalmologist.

The horny one still believes that we’ll get those dire reports of vast production cuts that show that no one likes iPhones at some point in the first half of 2021, but he admits they’re behind schedule. To be clear, he would not be sad if we didn’t get them. It’s an annual nonsense ritual that happens because, duh, Apple generally cuts production after ramping up for the fall release, not because iPhones are unpopular.

Sometimes it’s just nice to have something that you can rely on in troubled times, even if it’s something annoying.

Nah, never mind. That doesn’t make any sense. Forget the Macalope said that. That was dumb.

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Author: LaraZ