Christmas may be over, but the holiday deals are still going strong. So if you didn’t get a pair of shiny new AirPods Pro under the tree, Woot is selling a brand new pair for the best price we’ve ever seenRemove non-product link: $189 complete with a full year warranty direct from Apple.

You probably don’t need to be reminded how awesome AirPods Pro are, but if you do, our 4.5-star review called them “so thoughtfully designed, so effortless and easy, that it’s kind of annoying to go back to using other wireless earbuds.” Oh, and they’re about $400 less than the AirPods Max.

So go grab a pair before they’re all gone and get the present you should have gotten for Christmas.

[Today’s deal: AirPods Pro for $189 at WootRemove non-product link]

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Author: LaraZ